The Ritual Haunted House

The Ritual Haunted House is located at 301 Englewood Pkwy, Englewood, CO 80110.

The Ritual opened their doors once again this 2022 season after a three-year hiatus. And we were happy to be invited back! As we pulled up to the Haunted House, we were thrilled to see the long line of patrons waiting for the scare entertainment!

We are always blown away by the work haunt owners and operators do to convert a former store/restaurant into a Haunted House. Once you’re inside, you would never know what the previous business was!

The Ritual is a classic style Haunted House like the ones we grew up with in the early 2000’s. It is such a fun throwback! You can see the love and passion the owners put into this Haunted House!

The star of the show is the ghoul that welcomes us inside. He’s a very talented ghoul who actually creeped his way into a video of ours back in 2019! We’ll link the video to this post!

We enjoyed our time at The Ritual this year and are looking forward to watching them grow and improve their scare game for many seasons to come!

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