All About Us

king-and-queen  We are a couple who love all things Halloween. Haunted houses, scary movies, crazy costumes and everything in between. We love haunted houses the most though. We started out by ranking all the haunted houses we went to in one season and then sending out our Famous Top Haunts List to our friends and family. Well, the list caught on and every year it became a tradition for us to send it out. Now we’ve turned our passion for haunts into a life of adventure. We used to only rank haunted houses in our home state but, haunt season 2015 we took our first out of state haunted house trip to Missouri. It was so much fun we’ve decided to visit haunts in every state across the U.S.  Our passion is horror and every October we enjoy seeing as many haunted houses and scary movies as possible. We consider ourselves Halloween adrenaline junkies because we get the ultimate thrill from being scared.

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