Our Most Intense Haunt Experience!

Hellscream Haunted House is located at 3021 N Hancock Ave Suite A, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907.

The expectations thrust upon this haunted attraction have been well earned as they have finished #1 on our Famous Top Haunts list three out of the last four seasons! Always the most intense haunt we experience every year, Hellscream offers non-stop scares from beginning to end!

As we entered the Haunt we stared down a long, dark, narrow hallway, a quick flash of a scare actor in the distance set the scene and immediately turned the creep factor up to a 10! As we turned the corner the first scare hit, and it was a non-stop barrage of fright for the next 35 minutes!

The sets inside of Hellscream are some of the best we have seen in any Haunted Attraction all season long. The props are high quality, each scene is planned with excruciating attention to detail, nothing is overlooked in the design of each space. It’s truly like walking through the most beautiful, gory, terrifying haunt museum. We’re talking three floors of amazing scenery. In general the layout and set themes stayed mostly the same as last season. But, when the designs are this good, it doesn’t take away from the experience in the least!

In addition to fantastic set design, Hellscream Entertainment has perfected the art of scare actor teamwork! Some scare actors will stay in their designated areas, while others were more mobile and continued to pop up over and over as we journeyed through the three story building. Something we’ve always been drawn to in haunts, and is absolutely terrifying, is actor on actor (theatrical) violence. At one point in the haunt one of the reoccurring ghouls took a lead pipe and started pounding away at another actor wearing a cage like object on their head (Ala Thirteen Ghosts). The metal on metal sound made an impossibly loud bang causing us to cringe and hurry into the next room! By far one of the King’s favorite spots in the haunt this season. At another point in the haunt a small, flexible creature who followed us throughout the haunt was “thrown” down the stairs! (Safely and theatrically of course). We already had the scared feeling inside of us and witnessing this scene just amped it up even more! From this point on we screamed and yelled out at every turn with every jump scare!

Towards the end of the experience we encountered the legendary Voodoo Queen on the lower level. She has been apart of Colorado Springs haunted attraction history for many years! She is absolutely fantastic and joy to interact with! Another quality example of the dedication of the scare actors at Hellscream Entertainment. As we neared the exit of the building and entered into the ice cave, it was time for one last amazing scare! We came face to face with a ghoul with red eyes who was blocking our path, when suddenly we heard the tell tale sound of the chainsaw fire up right beside us! With no where to run we felt scared and trapped! Yet again, actor dedication shines as Hellscream’s chainsaw wielding maniac is the best we’ve ever come upon in a haunted attraction! The way he looks, moves, and works the saw is 100% terror! Once again, Hellscream lives up to their reputation, amazing us at every turn! If you decide to only visit one Haunted Attraction a year, this is the place to be!

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