Creepy Walk in The Woods

Creepy Walk in the Woods is located on 1750 Savage Rd, Loveland, CO 80538.

In this 2022 season we made our long-awaited return to Creepy Walk in the Woods. Our last visit to the haunt was in 2018. We thoroughly enjoyed the haunt that year. Good scares, a creative design, and utilization of the outdoor forest area was so awesome. A haunt that is located at the base of the “Devil’s Backbone” on Savage Road is a review that writes itself!

This season though, the Haunt has really become a family friendly event. We would highly recommend for children 7-8 and up. Gone are the scares we enjoyed from years past, as it has now become more of a fun and cute jaunt through the woods. The price is a little steep for what the haunt has become at $30 a head for just the one activity. There are not any games or other things to do on the property. There is a food truck that serves the most delicious funnel cake and some other concession stands as well.

We do appreciate that the owners donate part of the proceeds to the local community. And this is one of those haunts that is entirely volunteer operated. The community comes together to have fun, get spooky, and raise money for local causes. So if you are a family with younger kiddos looking for something a bit more on the spooky side than just your average pumpkin patch and corn maze, we would recommend you head up to Loveland! If you want something with top scares…this is not the place for you.  

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