Live Action Zombie Paintball at Scorched Earth

The Queen of Halloween poses next to a hand carved wooden pumpkin statue.

Scorched Earth Haunted Farm is located at 8310 Blue Gill Dr, Peyton, CO 80831. This is their third season at Smith Farms and it’s been a pleasure to watch them grow year upon year!

By far the most improved Haunted Attraction from 2020 to 2021, they once again leveled up with significant improvements from 2021 to this 2022 season!

This Spooky SZN they have a pillow jump for the kids, a brand-new fire pit addition, music, and the Funky Monkey food truck to go along with the farmers market that is open during Haunt hours! To top off the add on fun is the only live (undead) actor paintball experience! Over the last few years this type of experience has gone away besides here at Scorched Earth! It is very satisfying to shoot the monsters within the set bringing the experience to life!

The Zombie Paintball field at Scorched Earth.

As you enter the haunt itself, high stacked hay bales line the trail creating a claustrophobic atmosphere. The scare actors within provide a good blend of jump scares mixed in with ad-libbing and interaction.

You will enter scenes inside shipping containers and our favorite new addition, a corn trail! Now this isn’t your typical corn trail, this corn was designed to create a tight squeeze through the stalks, which is a lot different than what we’re used to! Scare actors are literally crawling at your feet in and out of the corn creating fun jump scares! That really takes dedication.

In a rare occurrence, at the end of the haunt we ended up behind the chainsaw wielding maniac as we watched him chase the group in front of us out of the haunt. “We missed it!” we thought, but never fear, he turned right around chain saw held high, and quickly ran toward us! We were not deprived of our favorite part of the haunt experience!

Scorched Earth really gave it their all and we could not be more appreciative. This haunted attraction is quickly turning into a must-see Haunted Event!

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