Slaughter Gulch Haunted Attraction

Slaughter Gulch Haunted Attraction is located at 3879 N Hwy 83, Franktown, CO 80116. Lone Creek Farms hosts the haunted house and a daytime Fall Festival. The Farms here in Colorado have really done a fantastic job of making their Fall Festival and Haunted House combo a day/night event to keep you busy with fun and entertainment all day long!

2022 is the second Spooky SZN for Slaughter Gulch, but our first time coming out as they flew under our radar last season. Tisk, tisk! Very naughty of them. The haunts should know by now you can’t hide from us for long… we will eventually find you! All kidding aside, we do not get to experience a lot of new haunts each year as the haunt business is a tough one and it takes a lot of hard work for a haunt to open and hope to break even.

A lovely cold cloudy night set the scene for a creepy multi featured haunted experience. We started in a tent filled with haunt fog and jump scare actors! As we exited the tent we encountered one of the most amazing animatronics we’ve seen all year! A giant Pumpkin King! (no, not Jack Skellington. Lol) This guy was massive. He looked like a huge monstrous scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head.

Next up was the corn trail. There were a few scare actors hidden in there to provide the jump scares. Once the corn trail ends however, it gets rather confusing as we were told a trailer would be picking us up to travel back deeper into the gulch area. There was no clear marking as to where to go to meet the trailer. We do recommend having a staff member out there to direct patrons to the correct pick-up location.

Once we found our ride, a rather stoic scare actor quietly greeted us as we hopped on the trailer. He quickly made friends with the Junior Hauntaholics! He even tried to keep the Spider Sorceress on the wagon!

Once we were let off the trailer we entered a couple of different tent like structures with a few jump scares waiting inside. The King’s favorite part of this scene were the drums of 245 Trioxin! A treat for you Return of the Living Dead fans out there!

Next up was by far the best part of the experience, the gulch trail! Which utilized the natural environment to its fullest advantage. We embarked on a dark walk with the faint sounds of running water at our feet and scare actors calling out threats while being hidden somewhere in the brush. It really built up the anticipation for the jump scares ahead! The hidden monsters did a great job of working together to put the fright in us!

And to end our experience, a relentless chainsaw wielding scarecrow put one final scare in all of us! Our guest Junior Hauntaholic for the night, the Venomous Bat was terrified out of her wits and may never be the same after her first haunt experience!

We really had a lot of fun at Slaughter Gulch and think they have great potential to build on for future seasons. We look forward to coming back next year!

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