It’s Official! Colorado finally has a true Haunted Hayride!

Haunted Field of Screams is located at 10451 McKay Rd, Thornton, CO 80233, just a stone’s throw from the legendary Riverdale Road! An 11-mile stretch that has been the scene of unexplainable car accidents, deaths, fire, Satan worship and ghost sightings. Over the last few years we’ve really enjoyed the addition of the haunted legend and lore of the super natural highway being incorporated into the story of the Haunted Field of Screams.

And this year we enjoyed the benefit of a cloudy, moonlit night making the wooded and corn trails that much creepier.

Our journey began on a trailer ride as a disembodied voice told the dark history of Riverdale Road. This trailer ride feature is in it’s third season but, this year was a little different as numerous scare actors including the dreaded chainsaw killer attack the trailer and scare the hell out of the passengers! A group of teenage girls were on our trailer, and they screamed bloody murder! One of the girls legit peed her pants! Code yellow anybody?! After an experience like that, I think we can officially say this is the only known Haunted Hayride in Colorado!!

When we witness terror like this happen, it gives us a whole different perspective on how scary the haunt experience can be! Which was the perfect way to begin our night because it got us all pumped up and excited to get even more scared!

As we exited the trailer and entered the gates of Riverdale Cemetery there was an open grave that we were ‘welcomed’ to hop into. (Uh…no thanks Mr. Grave Digger, we gotta check out the rest of this haunt!) Two ghouls including an especially creepy scare actor with a red lit helmet put the scare into us right off the bat!

We left the cemetery and entered the dimly lit wooded trail of Riverdale Forest. There were some good jump scares along the path and eventually we ran into the teenage girl group from the haunted trailer ride. One of them was in tears as she urged us to go ahead of them. Once again this shows the level of scares this haunt was throwing at us! Sooo good!!  

Finally out of the terrifying wooded trail, we entered the corn trail. Surrounded by tall eerie corn stalks we could tell we were being watched! We had a few jump scares and some dialogue interactions with other scare actors. We can’t say enough good things about Haunted Field of Screams amazing actors who are very good at back and forth interactions and ad-libbing lines based on each patron.

As we continued through the corn and into the structures along the pathway with nervous anticipation of the next scare around the corner, we noticed a long lull in between scenes. There were hardly any more scare actors by this point in the haunt. Just empty buildings scattered here and there along the trail. At one point it was just us and another couple ahead of us who hid inside the haunt and actually gave us a jump scare! That gave us all good laugh!

It turned out the haunt was very front loaded with actors, which made for an amazing experience on the hayride and through the wooded trail, but just past the halfway point the scare actors were scarce, and we were mentally taken out of the experience with a lot of dead space in between scenes. When we did come upon scare actors, the mood had already been lost and their efforts to scare were futile.

Even though the scare experience was lost in the second half of the haunt, the first half alone was well worth the price of admission! We talked with some friends later who said they had an entirely different experience in the corn. For them, the long pauses between scares made it more creepy because they didn’t know when to expect the next scare. Just another piece of evidence that shows how differently people can experience the same haunt. We definitely still recommend checking out this haunted attraction! And watch out for the ghosts of Riverdale Road that inhabit the grounds!!

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