Massive Four Part Haunt!!

The Fear Complex Haunted House is located at 2220 E Bijou St, Colorado Springs, CO 80909. The last few Haunt seasons they’ve been known as Haunted Mines, this 2022 season the Hellscream Entertainment production has moved locations into a 28,000 sq foot multi-level building that is one of if not the largest indoor Haunted Attraction space in the state! The potential in upcoming seasons is truly unlimited!

The theme this season at Fear Complex is a walk down haunt memory lane. The history of this haunted attraction goes back to when it was known as Ghouls Gulch; a beloved Colorado Springs mainstay haunt that ran for many years.

Featured levels of the haunt include: Sanitarium, CarnEvil, Sinister Manor, as well as the star attraction, the Haunted Mines itself. The fact that the Hellscream Entertainment crew moved 21 truckloads of equipment from the old building to the new one, and were able to set up just in time for the kickoff of haunt season all within six months is mind blowing!

The effort and dedication the scare actors display is top notch! The star of the show is the Wendigo’s assistant who operates the elevator that takes you down into the mine shaft. We have watched this character grow and improve year after year, entertaining and scaring us more every season! The Hellscream Entertainment actors really embody a teamwork style of scaring. Playing off one another while popping in and out of the rooms always staying one step ahead of patrons! An incredibly fun and entertaining experience, we know they will only continue to improve, grow, and expand the scares to limits we have never seen in the seasons to come!

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