40 Years of Fright at The Frightmare Compound

Back for its 40th season of entertaining and scaring the locals far and wide,The Frightmare Compound is Denver’s Oldest Haunted Event! The Compound is located at 10798 Yukon St., Westminster, CO 80021.

The moment you exit your vehicle you are blasted with incredible energy from the likes of pulsating music from a live (undead) DJ, the fire shooting high above the Compound and fog billowing up into the night sky. This haunt gives the best first impression of any haunted house we go to!

The last couple of seasons they’ve added multiple escape rooms and now a coffin simulator attraction! We would recommend spending an entire evening at the Compound to experience the haunt itself plus the add on attractions or make two trips to have plenty of time to enjoy all! Unfortunately for us we did not get to experience the fun add on attractions as we were not aware on this night the Compound closed at 11 p.m. instead of their usual Midnight closing time. We are hoping to make it back out this season. The King desires to get into the coffin, the plane, and the famous Frightmare hearse!

The sets inside Frightmare are just awe inspiring. Set as an old abandoned mine you will see and experience pure haunt beauty. Tight spaces, claustrophobic corners to squeeze through, a crashed plane and helicopter, a new campsite scene, and so much more!

Last season they added one of the best exhibits in the haunt business, The Frightmare Museum! This attraction features artifacts that once stood inside Frightmare. You can take pictures and read the fun facts! The King’s personal favorite is the giant demon that for years sat above the Compound standing guard. And we can forget about the amazing replica Echo 1 cars at the museum too!

The King and The Demon!

Overall, we had a great time at The Frightmare compound this Spooky SZN. Our only criticism of the evening is the lack of scare actors. The dead spots in the haunt really hurt the overall scare experience.  Other than the ghoul who opens the door when you first enter the haunt, the remaining actors they did have were subpar for the most part. Mostly ill timed rawrs and grunts.

This haunted attraction event has so much to offer, there is something here for every type of haunter! It is truly a sight to behold. We hope you head out there and enjoy the experience as much as we did!

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