It’s Corn! Terrifying Corn!

Anderson Farms located at 6728 County Rd 3 ¼, Erie, CO 80516 once again opened the gates to the modern haunted attraction classic Terror in the Corn!  

Under the shadow of the giant pumpkin, revelers can enjoy a reserved camp fire with friends and family, a quaint country store that sells snacks, food, and packaged farm made goods, as well as numerous food trucks and stands on the grounds.  

Every season we try and make it a point to hit all the outdoor haunted attractions early in the season to avoid any adverse weather Colorado might throw at us as October rolls on. This year we were hit with a surprise rain storm the first weekend of October! This is rare for Colorado Autumn but, we were blessed by the Haunt Gods above, or maybe below depending on how you look at it, as Terror in the Corn was open on our scheduled night of attendance and closed the following night due to the weather conditions. We certainly counted our lucky stars cause we are so glad we did not miss this!!

A piece of advice from your favorite haunt reviewers…. when attending an outdoor haunt, come dressed for the occasion. Wear pants and shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. There were some muddy spots and puddles along the trail, but nothing that affected the overall product. In fact, the rainy muddy conditions actually added to the overall experience!

This haunted attraction absolutely blew us away! The powers that be took our 2021 recommendation and removed the outdated wagon ride to the haunt. Instead, this year you walk into the entrance and are immediately greeted by a ghoul issuing a warning of the impending doom you will face on the mile long trail of mayhem! We were instantly hooked and it was on from that point! What a great opening sequence to set the stage for things to come!  

The sets will leave you in awe and are truly incredible! The operators of the haunt spent time last season enhancing the ghost town and this year they continued to build upon that theme and made it that much better! A new trail that weaves in and out of the corn features scare actors at every turn! Typically in a haunt you will sometimes get good actor interaction and dialogue, or the focus will be more on jump scares. Not at Terror in the Corn! They managed to do BOTH and we loved every minute of it!  

As we mentioned earlier, the rain that evening just enhanced our experience as the fog in the haunted attraction billowed up into the cloudy, dimly lit sky, creating a picturesque visual effect that money cannot buy.  It was magical!

If you’ve been to Terror in the Corn before you may remember the Zombie Paintball attraction. Well, it is a thing of the past now at Anderson Farms, but its absence does not detract from the experience at all and the lower ticket price is definitely a win for haunt goers. They did sort of replace the paintball attraction with some mini escape rooms. We didn’t get a chance to try our hand at solving them but, it looked like there were 3 different rooms to try out. If you go, leave us a comment with how your experience went! We’d love to hear from you.

Clearly we cannot say enough good things about this Haunted Attraction. It has become a cannot miss event that will become one of your best memories of the 2022 Spooky SZN!

One thought on “It’s Corn! Terrifying Corn!

  1. Christina Carrigan

    Though we thought last year was 10 times better, when we went there were no mud piles but there also were less scares, but still was a lot of fun and so great laughs along the way!

    That being said, We enjoyed the corn maze at night! In all the years we have gone to this haunt we always do the maze in the daylight to do it at night was amazing. If you have never done it, we encourage you to try it sometime 🙂


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