Scream Acres is the Place to Be!

Every year Fritzler Farm Park releases the monsters into the corn and opens the gates to Scream Acres! Located at 20861 Co Rd 33, La Salle, CO 80645 Scream Acres is probably the most fun haunt we visit all season!

One of the things that puts this haunt above the other farm haunts is that their farm games stay open after dark, during the haunt time.

Standing outside the Pumpkin House.

So even though we go out there for Scream Acres, we still get to enjoy the pillow jump, tricycle track, ball zone, basketball shoot out, slide mountain, and the pumpkin cannon! The pumpkin cannon is an additional cost but trust us you’ll want to buy at least two if not three buckets of gourds! After shooting pumpkins we like to head over to Slide Mountain and enjoy the three separate slides. Our favorite of course is the blackout slide! The pillow jump is definitely fun for the kiddos, and then we have a family race on the tricycle track! We learned this year the ball zone has become a timed game, so we had to be quick with our basketball, baseball, and football throws!

In addition to all the games staying open late, so do the beer garden and concessions stands. Which is excellent news for adult chaperones who’d prefer to enjoy a beverage and basket of funnel cake fries instead of having a creepy clown jump out at you from inside a corn field.

After working up a sweat playing games it was time for the main event, Scream Acres haunted house! Over the last few seasons Scream Acres has become a very good family friendly haunted house. *We would say children 7+ would be ok with this experience.

*Our age recommendation is based on what scares we think the average child could handle. You know your own children best and what they can tolerate. Please use our blog as a guide and make the best choice for you and your family.

This season was different from the last couple of seasons as the haunt itself was more stripped down than ever; but somehow it all just worked! Scream Acres really relies on their jump scares and on this night, they were spot on! The scare actors hit their marks perfectly!

The sets, while simple helped to set the scene and give us some good surprises that we did not see coming! The haunt theme was pretty generic and there wasn’t really a cohesive storyline from one set to the next. There was the basic electrical room, doctor room, clown room, etc.. Again, the scares here are mainly jump scares and they do them well!

Overall, we thought Scream Acres was the best they had been in the last couple seasons, even dating back to the pre-epidemic era! It truly is so much fun for the entire family. Fritzler Farm Park earns our recommendation for 2022!

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