Review: Scorched Earth Haunted Farm 2021

The newest addition to the southern Colorado haunt scene, Scorched Earth Haunted Farm located in Falcon (Peyton), CO, makes our haunt weekend complete. Scorched Earth opened their gates for the first time in 2020, and any haunt crazy enough to debut in the year of insanity must be good! Last year, this farm haunt came in just shy of our Unlucky 7 on The Famous Top Haunts List. For a first year haunt we were highly impressed with the layout of the haunt, and the props, sets, and overall theme. This year, in 2021, Scorched Earth stepped up their game big time! We’re talking a 100% improvement from 2020. 

These guys worked their tails off this season to give us a whole new haunt experience. They kept with the same theme as last year, a sort of scarecrow farm takeover. Lots of great props including some terrifying looking creatures made of corn, pumpkin, and hay. They again did a fantastic job of utilizing stacked hay bales as the walls of the haunt, something we’ve never seen before, and added a few new surprises that make the haunt a bit longer and definitely creepier! We also learned that all the farm equipment seen in the haunt is from the property. The owner collects all the old vintage pieces and uses them to create that abandoned farm vibe. And the piece de resistance…a zombie paintball adventure!! Now, it is a stationary paintball game but it does include live zombie targets, which we love! Plus it’s a huge shooting area. 

Before you even get into the haunt itself the queue line leads you down a dark trail lined with ghouls waiting to get you. A perfect way to get the fear going and amp up the adrenaline in anticipation for even more scares to come. Again, we have some great actors here (does southern Colorado have a haunt actor school we didn’t know about?!), we were sung to about a vicious farmer and warned to leave the farm before we became permanent residents, we were chased by a half chicken half woman, we were screamed and growled at by scarecrows and corn monsters! Like we said, Scorched Earth really stepped it up this year and delivered some good jump scares and an amped up set that we loved!

As we mentioned, Scorched Earth is the third haunt from our Southern Colorado Haunt weekend. Please check out our reviews of the other two we visited here and here.

Scorched Earth Haunted Farm

8310 Blue Gill Dr.

Peyton, CO 80831

Open hours and ticket information can be found by clicking the link above.

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