Review: Hellscream Haunted House 2021

The OG haunt for Hellscream Entertainment, Hellscream Haunted House lives up to its name!! Chaos, insanity, terror. It truly is a haunted hell house! And in 2021 they have upped the game with some killer set upgrades like the new attic area. Which is completely filled with all the creepy things you expect to find in the attic of a haunted mansion. Creaky rocking chairs, old mannequins and dress forms, trunks, stuffed animals and dolls….  Winding and twisting your way through this haunt quite literally feels like you are walking through the film set of a horror movie. Except in this version you’re the star of the show and all the killers in the known horror movie universe are out to get you!! Once again we have to give major props to the actors inside Hellscream. These are highly trained professionals with amazing make-up and costumes and creative lines that they deliver with the heart and soul of a Broadway pro! That is if Broadway were filled with the demented and twisted souls of the undead! 

It is absolutely friggin insane in there!! It can only be described as full sensory overload! Every one of your senses is being assaulted from all sides. It is LOUD, it smells weird, you cannot see well, it is a tight enclosed space, it is damp..? (or is that just your sweat?) Your heart is pounding, your mind is exploding, it is disorienting and yet it’s the biggest adrenaline rush and an endorphin high all at the same time! What an absolutely crazy experience! Hellscream has always brought their ‘A’ game but this was next level. You can tell these monsters have been cooped up for almost two years and they are ravenous, bloodthirsty beasts!!

Hellscream Haunted House on its own is 100% worth a trip to Colorado Springs no matter where you live! But, we don’t just come to Colorado Springs for Hellscream, we come to experience all of Southern Colorado’s haunts! Hellscream Entertainment has 2 haunted houses in total and then there is a farm haunt nearby. You can check out our reviews of Hellscream’s sister haunt The Haunted Mines and the farm haunt Scorched Earth Haunted Farm as well. Southern Colorado provides a well rounded haunt experience for any haunt lover. You just have to experience them all!

Hellscream Haunted House

3021 N. Hancock Ave. Suite A.

Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Click the link above for open hours and ticketing info.

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