Review: Reinke Bros Haunted Mansion

Next up on our 2021 Haunted Adventure Tour is Reinke Bros Haunted Mansion in Littleton, CO. The Haunted Mansion has been a part of our haunt adventures for over 10 years now. It is located inside of a massive costume and prop shop that has been the Denver Metro’s one stop shop for costumes, decor, accessories and scares for 54 years!! A classic haunted house that never goes out of style, I’d compare this haunt to your favorite sweater, warm and cozy, perfectly broken in, and the first one you reach for every Fall when the leaves begin to change and you feel that first chill in the air.

And just like that old sweater, Reinke Bros Haunted Mansion hasn’t changed much over the years but, that is what makes it so special. There is just something comforting about knowing what to expect at this haunt and while it may not be the scariest haunt around it is packed to the brim with detailed sets and spooky props! Everything from a bat cave, to a spider’s lair, to an old English street scene complete with headless coachman and skeleton horses can be found inside this haunt. And if that’s not enough for you the giant monster guarding the entrance will surely get your attention when he roars to life!

Definitely considered one of the most family friendly haunts we visit, this one is at the top of the must see list every year for the Jr. Hauntaholics. This was the first non home haunt they ever came to with us and its become one of our family’s favorites. Upon entering the Mansion you will be told a gruesome tale by the disembodied voice of the Mansion’s resident ghost; A nod to the classic Disney Haunted Mansion. A door opens and into the haunt you go, winding through the corridors you soon notice you are being followed by none other than… Michael Myers?! Yep, that’s right Haunted Mansion is not afraid to go totally off the script and include such eclectic details as a creeping Michael Myers and even some dancing skeletons. One of the things we love so much about this haunt is the random assortment of props, animatronics and live actors you’ll find.

If you live in Colorado and have not yet visited Reinke Bros, you need to plan a trip! We had ourselves a grand ole time exploring the massive costume and prop store!! And as always The Haunted Mansion was the highlight of our adventure. An absolute staple in family friendly Halloween fun, adults and kids alike will enjoy this classic haunted house experience!

Reinke Bros Haunted Mansion

5663 S Prince St, Littleton, CO 80120

Open Daily! Check for hours and ticket prices.

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