Review: Elitch Gardens Frightfest

The Gate Keeper of the Haunts

Frightfest is the after dark Halloween lover’s version of Denver’s famous amusement park. Now, I think we can all agree that amusement parks are just creepy at night, right? Well, Elitch’s has definitely taken advantage and turned up the scare factor. We haven’t reviewed Frightfest before as the Hauntaholics as the last time we attended was before we launched this site. We are thrilled to report that Frightfest was a pleasantly haunting surprise!

There are three haunted attractions, No Vacancy, Big Top Freaks, and Seance. In addition to the haunts there are monsters, clowns, and zombies roaming the entirety of the amusement park. (check out our Instagram to see video of the monsters in action!) The entire park is decorated like the most BA Halloween yard ever! They even have a blood waterfall!

And to top it all off, The Enigma is performing all month long! This guy is a classic side show artist! Swinging chainsaws, sword swallowing, and more, all while telling slightly inappropriate jokes! Enigma puts on an amazing show and he does it all with a smile! Well, I think that’s a smile….

Hauntaholics with The Enigma

Now, for the main events! The three haunted attractions are located on the waterpark side of Elitch Gardens. We attended Seance first and oh wow!! This is a haunt experience like no other. Rather than walking through a set like most haunts, you are really immersed in the experience at Seance. It gave us chills and our Jr. Hauntaholics had mixed reactions. One was thrilled with terror and wanted to go through a second time. The other discovered a new fear….We’ll put it this way, Seance is a must see attraction at Frightfest! Of the two more traditional style haunts big top freaks was our favorite and you all know from our YouTube videos that we’re not fans of clown haunts. This one was pretty good! Great set! Awesome actors and some really convincing animatronics. One of the better clown haunts we’ve been to for sure. No Vacancy was probably our least favorite of the three but, the Jr. Hauntaholics seemed to really enjoy it. Be sure to check out our Frightfest video on YouTube to hear their reactions.

Overall, our Frightfest experience was well…defrightfully terrifying! We enjoyed ourselves very much and will likely return again next season. The fright by night experience is not recommended for children under 12. We would say that is flexible, you just have to know what your kiddos can handle. The Jr. Hauntaholics are under that age limit and they handled the scares well. (but, they are used to this sort of stuff) One of the major drawbacks to Frightfest though is the price. The Enigma’s show is included in your park admission but, the haunted attractions are an additional cost. Now, if you’re a season pass holder you just have to buy the tickets for the haunts. If not, you can purchase a combo pack that includes park admission as well as tickets to Big Top Freaks and No Vacancy. Seance is again a separate fee. Clink the link below to go directly to the tickets page for more info. For a night of fright, Elitch’s Frighfest is the place to go!

Frightfest Tickets

2000 Elitch Circle, Denver, CO 80204


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