Review: World’s Scariest Haunted House

The World’s Scariest Haunted House in Littleton, CO is a fantastic haunted house if you’re looking for a great classic scare experience. Like a good slasher film this haunt delivers with all the right plot twists! Excellent scares, quality acting and a fun, maze like set.

This haunt must hire actors from the local play theater because these monsters are great! Perfectly timed jump scares, some actors use playful lines, some use creepy lines. Their ability to read their audience is amazing! They know which member in the group they will get a reaction from and they go for it! So exciting and scary and so much fun! There are places in this haunt where you can’t tell if it’s a live monster or just a mechanical one. The uncertainty is what makes the scare that much better when they do get you! Fantastic!

The fact that this place is all built inside of a tent on the grounds at a plant nursery is pretty amazing. The tight corridors and small spaces give you a claustrophobic feeling, adding to the scare factor. This year they extended the haunt a bit outside that tent area and included some cool new stuff using the existing landscape; which we love!

20191011_192204There is not a whole lot of entertainment going on outside the haunt, but when the entertainment inside is top notch, you don’t really need much else. They do have some music playing and there is a hearse parked outside that is great for photos. They also have a little concessions cart in case you get a snack attack while waiting in line.

Overall, we are highly impressed by WSHH and we look forward to getting scared by them year after year.

Check ’em out!

10500 W. Bowles Ave. Littleton, CO 80127


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