Review: Haunted Field of Screams

     In Thornton, Colorado lies Haunted Field of Screams; home of the best Zombie paintball experience in the state! This haunt has a lot to offer with their four attractions, the Zombie Paintball adventure, Carnevil, and two haunted mazes; as well as outdoor games and concessions. With so many activities and so much open space this place is perfect for spending a night out with friends! Put on your safety goggles and do your part to help the boys in green gain control of the zombie population. After receiving your orders from Drill Sergeant, you’ll be loaded onto a wagon and driven into the cornfield to start annihilating zombies! This adventure is packed with action as there are a ton of live zombies and other targets to shoot at. A must see!!

     Of the two haunted corn mazes, Dead Man’s Nighttime Maze was definitely the one we preferred. More scares, and more action. The actors in the nighttime maze were engaging enough to keep our interest throughout the haunt and the props and animatronics filled in the rest. The Condemned Maze was, unfortunately much less exciting. The set design was actually pretty impressive and we were pleasantly surprised by the extra effort put into the construction of this maze. We just wish there had been some of the same effort put into staging the actors in the haunt as well. Not sure why, but there didn’t seem to be very many actors in Condemned and the few that were present, did not put a lot of effort into their performance. We were disappointed with this attraction to say the least. 

     Despite our lack of enthusiasm for Condemned we still had a great time overall and would recommend Haunted Field of screams to anyone looking to spend a night out with friends! 

10451 McKay Road, Thornton, CO 80229

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