Review: The Frightmare Compound

We resume the 2018 Haunt Tour back in our home state of Colorado! Our first stop was at The Frightmare Compound in Westminster; Colorado’s longest running haunt at 35 years! When you’ve been in the haunt business that long, you know a thing or two about how to deliver the scares!

10121821261Frightmare possesses the rare talent of being able to deliver intense scares with a limited acting crew. While we always love a haunt full of actors we are equally pleased when a haunt can deliver the frights with less. A cross between an abandoned mine and a cannibalistic town looking for their next meal, this haunt continues to impress with it’s classic story. While the sets at Frightmare have always remained constant they are great at switching things up just enough to keep it mysterious and interesting. This year was no different. Frightmare’s set is really one of its best features and sets it apart from the other mainstream haunts in Colorado.

During this frightseeing visit we switched it up. On our haunting adventures we’re typically a team of two. This time we brought along three of our closest friends to gauge their reactions and use their extra sets of eyes to evaluate. They were absolutely terrified! Our guest haunters added greatly to our overall experience and brought to light the true terror of this classic Haunt!

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