Review: Barrett’s Haunted Mansion

Upon arriving at Barrett’s Haunted Mansion in Abington, MA your senses are assaulted with information! It smells like delicious food and fog machines, it looks like chaos and horror, it feel frightening and thrilling, and it sounds as though a thousand souls are descending into Hell! 

Barrett's Devil
Enter here to access tickets

Barrett’s is unique with its location being behind the Abington Ale House restaurant, with whom they partner to provide some fun events like Bite and Fright. Dinner and scares, a concept we can definitely get behind! Since they offer this special on Thursdays and Sundays only we sadly didn’t have a chance to take advantage but, it will be a must do in the future. If the food is a good as the scares, we can’t wait!

As for the main attraction, the two Haunted Houses, Sanctuary and Unhinged, we must say we are impressed!! There is a reason this place has been around for 27 years! For starters, the entrance to the ticket line is through the mouth of the Devil! To reach the ticket booth itself one must survive an appetizer of scares to ensure you’ll be brave enough to survive the main course. Once again we see excellent line entertainment here in Massachusetts. This place has ghouls everywhere!! (Check out our youtube bloopers for a taste of the action.) Ghouls with axes and chains, a clown and a vampire on stilts, and Voodoo master to boot!

The first attraction, Sanctuary, is the smaller of the two but it still packs a punch. Plenty of actors to keep your head turning wondering who’s hiding around the next corner. We have to give props for pacing as well. Both attractions were efficient at moving people through without sacrificing the experience. The second and main attraction was Unhinged. A cross between a prison, convent, and insane asylum. The sets in here were top notch! Rooms with no exits, water features, tricky floors, stairs and more! Absolutely amazing! An assault on the senses from all sides. Unhinged also has some talented actors, who commit to their characters and ensure each haunter has the scare of a lifetime. Barrett’s was an absolute scream to experience and if all haunts in New England are this good we can’t wait to do an entire New England Haunt tour!  

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