Review: The 13th Floor

Colorado’s Legendary 13th Floor indeed!! This is the second year in their new location and man are they ROCKING it!! Absolutely fantastic haunt this year! As we mentioned in our 13th Floor video on our Youtube channel, they ranked sixth last year on the Famous Top Haunts List. This year, they are already an early favorite for that coveted number one spot.

Your experience here starts with the atmosphere outside the haunt. Ghouls everywhere, thick fog filling the air, a bar for the adults, games and concessions for all. They have also updated their ticket purchasing experience by having different package options available for every budget. Once you get beyond the outside line you get to take your photo with a ghoul! While this is not a new feature at 13th Floor it’s one we’ve always loved! 1012182258_hdr1As always, this haunt has some of the best props in the whole state. Their bodies are the most realistic we see all season, and that is a huge factor in adding to the ambiance of the sets. We were super impressed with the layout and the flow of the haunt. The scenes transitioned smoothly from one to the next and while we walked through areas with no action, it was actually a welcome break!

One of the things we see here at 13th floor is some unique positioning of actors to ensure scares from every angle! We LOVE that! The best scares we’ve had so far this season! There is no lack of jump scares here. You might even leave hoarse because of all the screaming!

Last but, certainly not least we must praise the incredible pacing. Typically with the larger commercial haunts we see issues with pacing groups of patrons far enough apart that each group gets their own experience. In the past even 13th has been disappointing in this category. They must have really worked to improve that for the 2018 season. The outside lines seemed to be moving well while inside, our group stayed together throughout the whole haunt and we rarely came across any other groups. This very staggered pacing allows for such a better experience for the haunter. Every actor, every animatronic gets timed almost perfectly for optimal scares.

What an amazing experience! Lots of thrills, chills, and haunting skills! Keep your eye out for our Famous Top Haunts List to come out toward the end of the season. We’re betting 13th Floor will be near the top!


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