Review: Hell’s Trail

Wow!! Hell’s Trail in Avondale, CO is 100% terrifying!! These guys are experts at using their surroundings to create extra scares without extra effort. The way the wind rustles through the trees, and the smells of the natural landscape just adds to the creepy factor in this one of a kind haunted attraction. Although, Hell’s Trail is the furthest haunt away from where we live, it is absolutely worth it for us to make the trip to see it every year. And this year we made the trip twice because we missed it the first time and we just knew we couldn’t survive haunt season without getting to experience the terror at the devil’s playground. We have to give some major props to the actors at Hell’s Trail, they are some of the most terrifying we encounter during haunt season. The lighting on the trail does not allow you to see when and where someone is going to come popping out of the wilderness and scare the living daylights out of you. Incredible experience and worth the drive to get to see one of the best haunted houses Colorado has to offer. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an authentic haunted house experience this Halloween season.

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