Review: Hellscream and Sinister

Hellscream haunted house in Colorado Springs, Colorado was Badass!!!! The all new set redesign is amazing and really takes it to the next level! Hellscream has always been known for it’s legendary building and location, it is one of the best in the state for sure! We learned that it was actually a former medical building before it became a haunt, which just adds to the creepy factor, especially because there are some doctors in here I never want to get medical advice from! Floor to floor, scene to scene, we were blown away with every new room we walked into. Just an incredible way to kick off our southern Colorado haunt tour. As an added feature this year was the D.J. working the crowd outside. It’s always easier to wait in line when you have entertainment. We did miss seeing the cool video window displays we are accustomed to on the second story windows of the building but, a minor disappointment to the thrilling experience inside the haunt. Just can’t say enough good things about how well Hellscream has done with their new layout. As always we had a blast in there and we look forward to checking out some of their escape rooms and other attractions in the future.


Hellscream’s pet project, Sinister Haunted House, did very well for a brand new haunt. Since they took over for the folks at Ghoul’s Gulch they inherited the majority of the set and props. Sinister has done a great job of taking the best parts of both the old Ghoul’s Gulch and Sanitarium 3D haunts from years past,  and added a Hellscream twist to it all. There is some room for improvement with some empty space within the haunt that needs to be filled by adding some extra actors and jump scares. As in years past we had a ton of fun interacting with all the characters in the insane asylum and 3D clown maze portions of the haunt. The swampy monster infested side of the haunt was well layed out and had some well placed animatronic scares. Overall good job and we look forward to seeing how they progress in the future!

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