Review: The 13th Floor

We are so excited that 13th Floor in Denver, CO has moved locations!! This was such a great move for them. Everything in the haunt has been changed up this year and it WORKS! Starting with their overall presentation. They had monsters working the lines outside getting people scared right away and ready for the haunt. They had the Scooby-Do Mystery Machine parked outside as well as their Zombie Assault Vehicle, making great backdrops for some fun photos. There is music pumping throughout the crowd adding to the fun and excitement.  This place is like walking through a movie set. It is absolutely incredible the detail that goes into a haunted house like The 13th Floor. They have some of the most gory, bloody and amazingly detailed fake bodies and animatronics that we’ve seen. Although this haunt did not give us quite the same sense of fear and pure terror as other haunts we have visited this season it is still a one of a kind experience.The separation of the 3 different attractions was much smoother than in years past. The way they have everything layed out this year creates an excellent environment for better pacing throughout the haunt. When you have great pacing it really helps the actors out because they can prepare their scares better.  The 13th Floor actors are so professional, everyone stayed in character and delivered their scares so well even though it was busy! They have some of the most unique actor stunts in all of Colorado, and it makes for such an amazing experience! There are still 13 nights left to go check out the 13th Floor! And we here at Hauntaholics highly recommend you do! Happy Haunting.

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