Movie Review: Halloween Kills

***CAUTION: Spoilers in this review***

Now that our Haunt Season 2021 has concluded, it is time to catch up on the horror movies and tv shows we’ve missed the last 6 weeks! First up, Halloween Kills. This is the sequel to the 2018 Halloween which is a ‘direct sequel from the original 1978 film.’

I was thrilled with that movie, and have high hopes for the new one. I’ll start by saying Halloween Kills is in my opinion a modern horror master piece! I absolutely loved this movie! The call backs to 1978 are what make this movie so great! Everything from seeing Officer Phillips back story full of regret for 40 years to witnessing a fabulous, albeit quick portrayal of the legendary Dr. Loomis in the flashbacks. And then there is the coverup that scarred Officer Phillips (which has such a connection to the modern troubles we face today). The intertwined story brought back characters from 1978 like Tommy Doyle, who has formed a survivors club, Lindsay Wallace who’s babysitter Annie was hacked up by Michael Myers in 1978, and Dr. Loomis’ nurse Marion Chambers who was driving the car that Michael stole when he escaped in 1978. Also, the old Sheriff of Haddonfield, Brackett, who was involved in the original search for Michael in 1978, and tragically, the father of victim Annie.

Michael Myers brutality is on full display in Halloween Kills! We see a more vicious and ravenous Michael than ever before. No one is spared in this movie, including the brutal opening scene of Michael decimating the Haddonfield fire department. The dangers of mob mentality (another homage to today’s society) is fascinating and cringe worthy to watch. This movie isn’t just another slasher film, it is a piece of horror art. When you sit down to watch pay close attention because the movie does jump around. Seeing the original Halloween from 1978, and the direct sequel from 2018 before watching this movie is a must as you will be confused if you don’t know the whole story.

I for one could not have been more excited to see this classic horror movie monster resurrected in 2021. Michael was given an unforgettable continuation story and the respect he deserves. While Jamie Lee Curtis’ character ‘Laurie Strode’ was not heavily featured in this movie, as her character spent most of the movie hospitalized with injuries suffered from Michael in Halloween (2018), she played her role perfectly and we know she’ll be back for Halloween Ends (dropping in October 2022) for one final showdown with her movie brother after the shocking ending to Halloween Kills… 

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