Review: The 13th Floor-Denver 2021

The ultimate Haunted Event, The 13th Floor in Denver, CO has mastered the art of turning a simple haunted house into a full evening of activities. In fact, we’d say the extra features and activities have gotten bigger than the haunt itself. Almost to the point that the haunt loses it’s appeal. If want a true haunted house experience, I’d pick a different attraction but, if you want a fun Halloween themed evening full of games, activities, food and drinks, and also a haunted house, then The 13th Floor is the perfect spot!

The main haunted attraction has three parts, each with it’s own theme. There was “Frost Bite,” which looked like a cryogenic lab but, that was about as far as the theme carried. There weren’t many actors in there and other than the name and the look of the sets you didn’t really get a sense for what was supposed to be scary in there. Was it lab experiments gone bad? Was it a cave for evil artic creatures? We couldn’t really tell. No scares in this section at all which was disappointing. Next, we entered “Dollmaker” which looked like a creepy house and was done very well! The sets matched the theme, definitely looked more like a house, and there were creepy dolls and scary pictures everywhere. The first actor was really good we got a jump scare from her, and her make up and costume was fitting to the theme. There were a few more actors in this part of the haunt and some animatronics and the combo actually gave us a few good jump scares! Then we moved on to “Bad Blood.” It was vampire themed but, again not really sure what the concept here was. The set wasn’t a lot different than the Dollmaker’s house honestly. Looked kind of haunted mansiony, but, then there was this sort of, vampires-in-a-night-club, vibe; it was a bit confusing. Again the scares were lacking and we were less than impressed. The sets in 13th Floor are always top notch but, we felt like we lost that connection with the actors and that adrenaline rush that we crave when go to a haunt. The whole reason we go is to get those scares, feel that adrenaline rush and get anxious and excited.

The haunt event extras included things like, axe throwing, lawn bowling, and a haunt challenge called “Sensory Overload” we didn’t have time to explore any of them but, the haunt challenge looked very interesting and we are looking forward to checking it out next season if they still have it. They also have the Shriek Easy Bar, the RIP cabanas, and a secret Sub Zero bar that we actually couldn’t find. I guess that’s why it’s called a “secret” bar. The cabanas were pretty cool and if you have a big group they would be worth it. They cost about $200 to rent for the night and include things like, a visit from a haunt monster, a bucket of adult beverages, and a discount on merchandise. They are enclosed and heated as well. All the extras are what make The 13th Floor experience more of an event rather than just a haunted house. Depending on what type of haunt experience you are wanting this could be a great option if you have a large group and want to be able to hang out for several hours and do more than just the one haunted activity.

For hours and ticketing information head to The 13th Floor website via the link below.

The 13th Floor Denver

3400 E 52nd Ave, Denver, CO 80216

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