Review: The Living Dead

     For a first year haunt The Living Dead  haunted house in Lee’s Summit Missouri is really impressive. This haunt has a great concept, good actors, and a unique set. It’s absolutely incredible what they’ve done with such a small space. When you first look at this black bubble that is The Living Dead, you wonder how something this size could possibly be scary but, step inside and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you get lost and the terror sets in. It’s hard to tell if there were 10 actors in there or only 2 but, you get lots of jump scares from all different angles. The most unique part of this haunt is how they manage to keep the exit away from you until you are meant to find it. Highly recommend a visit to this haunt for the 2017 season. We are looking forward to what another year of planning brings to this innovative new haunt experience.

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