Frightmare Lights Out

1104162350Thank you Frightmare Compound for being our final haunt experience for the 2016 season!

Lights Out at the Frightmare Compound was amazing!! Once again their actors prove their worth by committing to the characters they portray and coming up with some creepy and creative lines. Walking through the haunt in the dark just creates a whole other level of fright! And the caretaker who opens the door for you in the beginning is one of our favorite haunt characters from the whole season. The entire ambiance of the haunt is captured by eerie candlelight as you take your one little candle and descend the steps into farmhouse hell! If you love to get scared and you’re not ready to let the Halloween season come to an end just yet then, head on over to The Frightmare Compound for Lights Out tonight and enjoy one last scare for 2016!

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