Review: Fearfest in Columbia , MO

     fearfest-selfieFearfest haunted house in Columbia Missouri was a fun and creepy haunt experience. After being greeted by Otis the gentle but, creepy giant, we headed to The Hawthorne Asylum. Which was so insane! We truly felt like we had stepped into a nut house. The actors played their roles very well! They have a great set with some good animatronics and lots of other kooky, creepy details like bugs and blood all over the walls. Fearfest’s second attraction, The Mortuary, leaves much to be desired however. They have an amazing setting in the super scary woods of Missouri but, they don’t utilize it very well. It was more of an eerie nighttime stroll than a frightening trek through a haunted graveyard. The few actors that were in the haunt did try their best to give us a good scare. If you do head out to Fearfest this season be sure and tell Otis the Hauntaholics say hello!

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