Review: Necroplanet

     Necroplanet is a Missouri must see haunt!!! Absolutely terrifying and awesome!! This haunt boasts two almost equally terrifying attractions, Necropolis and The Pit. Both of which nailed the instantly terrified feeling! As a halloween adrenaline junkie, you want to be terrified the minute you enter the haunt and Necropolis definitely delivers!! Phenomenal actors that continuously dish out scares throughout the entire haunt experience and a great set that captures your attention from the moment you step into line. This haunt is so diverse that no matter what your afraid of, you’ll face your fears here. Spiders, and monsters, tight spaces, pitch black and thick fog surround you at every moment. At The Pit you’ll never see the monsters coming. The second you think you are in the clear a monster pops out of nowhere and makes you jump out of your skin! All angles and around every corner something is waiting for you.There is no escaping your deepest fears at Necroplanet.


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