Review: The Empty Grave

The Empty Grave in Longmont, CO was an excellent surprise new haunt to end the 2018 season. At Terror in the Corn, which was supposed to be our final haunt of the season, we learned about this new haunt and immediately decided we had to check it out! We took an impromptu trip over to the Twin Peaks mall and found this family run haunt with tons of potential! The Empty Grave gave us some great scares with a small acting crew and a well laid out haunt. Get your photo taken in front of the hearse and enter the haunt through the dark hallway. Great jump scares right off the bat and some disorienting lighting tricks made our surprise trip totally worth it! We’re looking forward to seeing what these guys can come up with for next season! We’ll definitely keep tabs on them and be back for haunt season 2019!!1027182339

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