Review: Deadzone Scream Park

ageoygjl9vo15f3lr8cojvtl1xltb-bqnvkjkpngls1kj_q8yb4mavharqokbrq-6q6kcy7i8bmlceytp44s_iwyst8ylrvzrestecpq-g3srn1t_1e21bmej_rrsm2amaDeadzone Scream Park at Chatfield Farms is our #1 choice for family friendly haunt. They feature 2 corn mazes, a haunted maze and a dark maze, a haunted hayride, and Reaper’s Ranch which is a spooky walk down a dark path toward the hayride tractor. The majority of the scares happen in Reaper’s Ranch which is followed by the haunted hayride, which features a very awesome surprise! The hayride takes you out to the corn mazes where you’ll spend the majority of your time trying to figure out which maze you are in and how to get out. Not a whole lot of monsters in these mazes which makes them a perfect introduction to all things haunted for some of our smallest Halloweeniacs.

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