Darkside of the Abbey

Darkside of the Abbey is located at the Abbey Event Complex 2951 US-50, Canon City, CO 81212.

The current incarnation of the Abbey Event Complex displays beautiful architecture on a sprawling campus. The Darkside occupies the 100+ year old Monastery buildings. A lovely image by day, and the perfect setting for a Haunted House at night!

The Darkside of the Abbey is organized by the Venture Scouts. Venture Crew 121 is a co-ed branch of the boy scouts ages 14-21. The money earned goes to improving the Haunted House and to reward the hard working Scouts with a cruise.

Not only does the Darkside of the Abbey feature an awesome Haunted House that’s become a perennial Top 5 Haunt on our Famous Top Haunts list, the hidden gem of the experience is the Disturbance at the Monastery. A trek through the basement of the Holy Cross building in 80% pitch black darkness! I call this the Ultimate Haunted House Challenge!

Disturbance does a great job of giving plenty of time to each group to get inside and navigate their way through. The line is time consuming, but you will not be disappointed!

One of my favorite parts of Haunts are obstacles, and Disturbance features many! From crawling, ducking, squeezing through tight openings, and navigating your way through a bungy chord barrier, this Attraction will give you anxiety, the sweats, and genuine scary feelings! The ghoul guarding the exit took a toll from us in order to get out, I won’t give it away in case they want to use the gimmick next year, but it was something never before experienced in a Haunt before, and one you will not soon forget!

Now onto the Haunted House itself. As we waited at the entrance, we could hear the patrons in front of us scream in terror! The scare actors inside all did such a good job of keeping us on the edge! The unique building and set structures really set the atmosphere. This is our third season attending the Haunt, and they changed it up as the path was in reverse. Mid way through we were consumed with fright and loved every minute!

As the Haunt went on we noticed a lack of actors, and by the end none at all. This was disappointing to us. A rough end to an amazing Haunted House experience. In the end, we can’t wait to go back for the 2023 season! The Venture Scouts really earned their cruise this Spooky SZN!

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