Aftermath Haunted House 2022

Aftermath Haunted House is located at 575 Ash St, Canon City, CO 81212.

This annual event takes place just four Saturday’s each October. The Haunted House is put on by the Canon City Recreation and Park District. Sixty volunteers begin their work in January upgrading, changing, and improving the haunt. It is incredible to see the amount of hard work, passion, and heart that goes into making this a yearly must see attraction! All the proceeds go back to the community, to local charities and youth sports programs.

The 2022 season was our third year in a row heading down to Canon City. We learned that people from all over the southern Colorado area travel for miles to attend this incredible haunt! That just goes to show how amazing they are every season!

Not one to rest on their laurels and past successes, they made our Famous Top Haunts List Unlucky 7 edition for the last two seasons, Aftermath flipped the script on us this season!

The Trail we had been accustomed to was changed completely! There are two trails, and a house in the middle of them. We started off on the opposite side this time around. As we walked through an eerily quite dark wooded area we began to think to ourselves are we going the wrong way? A minute later we came to an opening where we could hear stirring in the woods. Perfect use of the outdoor scenery to set the mood. A few paces later we walked a bridge, the bridge was at the end last season, we walk up and onto the bridge as it starts swaying and we have to brace to keep our balance! We are swarmed by multiple haunt actors and this Haunted experience is on! Moving passed the many ghouls and through the woods we approach the dilapidated house. Sitting outside standing guard is a demon! Human body parts are roasting on the fire and a stink bomb attacks our sense of smell. As we get closer the Demon stands up at about 7 foot tall! The art of scare actors on stilts is definitely lost in the Denver Haunted House scene. The creature speaks in a distorted terrifying language for an excellent touch!

We rush passed and enter the house. Aftermath did a fantastic job of changing the house around and we were often confused and frightened at every turn not knowing where we were. They kept one of my favorite features inside the house. As you enter this room, two scare actors are waiting for you. We get to play choose the correct door to escape. Behind the incorrect doors are screaming scare actors! We finally find the correct door, the actors make sure it’s the last one you look in, we go upstairs and looking down at us are about six scare actors quietly starring into our eyes. One of my favorite parts of the house!

Exiting the house we re-enter the wooded trail. Another stilt actor calls us over to him and the confusion of the trail continues. He indicates we’re going the wrong way although he called us over! So much fun!

The classic slide spot is still on the trail, I always enjoy things like this inside of haunted houses. Just when we thought we were safe we get hit in the face with water we didn’t see coming! Add a two chainsaw spot to end our experience and we were thoroughly entertained!

Aftermath Haunted House once again brought the scares and we can’t wait to see them again in 2023!

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