13th Floor VIP Experience

13th Floor VIP Experience

We were invited out to 13th Floor’s Media Night this past weekend and it was such a fun experience! We had an absolute blast getting behind the scenes tours and experiencing all the activities The 13th Floor has to offer. We learned that this was their 15th year operating the haunt and it made The King realize, he has been to this haunt every year across multiple locations since they opened! What a moment to celebrate with a drink from the Shriekeasy bar.

The bar is themed like an old church with some pretty thirsty looking gargoyles standing guard in front. You can get both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages inside. There are a few tables to stand around and a long bench seat against the wall with several tables to sit at. The drink prices are pretty standard. About $5 for soda or water, $6 – $8 for beer or seltzer and $10 for a mixed drink. We each enjoyed a mixed cocktail. The King got the Trick-or-treat and the Queen enjoyed some Spilt Blood.

After quenching our thirst, we moved outside to try our hand at axe throwing, something we have never done before. It’s always been one of the things we wanted to do while visiting 13th floor but, never had the time since we are always running from haunt to haunt. This time though we finally got to do it and it was AWESOME!! You get 5 throws for $5 which is a great deal. If you’ve never thrown before then 5 throws is plenty enough to get the hang of it. The Queen went first and had a decent round, one complete miss, a couple that landed in the inner circle, one in the outer circle and one that landed on the board but, not in the target at all. The King had a great round with just one miss, a few inner circle hits and a BULLSEYE!! Next up it was time for our backstage tour.

We got to see what it was like from a haunt actors’ perspective and go backstage where they get ready for the night. There is an entire team of people dedicated to making the haunt actors look as scary, gruesome, and bloody as possible. It was incredible to see the efficiency of the whole process. Everything is laid out in a circle. First is the makeup area, then down the stairs to costumes and hair/hats/masks etc. then back up and out into the haunt. The entire process from start to finish takes between 3 and 7 minutes depending on how complex the actor’s look is for the night! We thought that was just insane!

After hair and make-up it was time to get scared!! We were lucky enough to be VIP’s for the night and had instant access to the haunt. This year they had three separate themed areas inside. There was Primal Fear, a yeti/sasquatch/abominable creature theme, then Midnight Mania (think 80’s slasher film set in a frat house) and finally All Hallow’s Eve, where scary undead trick or treaters try to convince you to eat their candy and join the darkside! As always, the sets at 13th Floor are just incredible, absolutely top notch and movie quality. We could spend hours walking through this haunt staring at the details in each room. One of the best parts of the bigger haunts are their giant animatronics and for the first time in long time all the animatronics were working, and we hit most of them at the perfect time to see them in full effect. We also really enjoyed the dynamic acting in the different haunts. Some of our favorites were Party Kyle and The Candy Man! There are a few good jump scares sprinkled throughout the haunt but, in general it’s not overly scary; at least not by our standards. Check out our YouTube Channel for our full haunt experience!

Sensory Overload was up next! It is the smaller blackout style haunt experience at the 13th Floor complex. It’s very loud in there and completely dark. You must walk slowly and feel your way through the blackness to escape. There are obstacles in the way and the floor changes elevation and texture. There are even a few monsters lurking within the inky depths and avoiding them is impossible! This activity was so much fun for us! We really enjoyed the challenge of finding our way out of the blackout. At just $10 we would say this add on is definitely worth it.

Last but not least were the mini escape rooms! Each room costs $5 and you have 5 min to solve the puzzle and unlock the door. The difficulty level ranges from easy peasy to unsolvable! That was our experience anyway. We won’t give away any secrets so you can experience these fun escape games for yourself. But we will say that in one room, oral hygiene is very important. 😉

We thoroughly enjoyed our night at the 13th Floor and think it makes a perfect place to enjoy some spooky fun. Whether you are looking for an activity for date night or want a place that’s cool enough to entertain your older kiddos for family fun night, The 13th Floor Denver has everything you need!

13th Floor Haunted House

3400 E. 52ND AVE., DENVER, CO 80216


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