(Updated) Review: Fright Acres 2021

We are devastated to report that Fright Acres Haunted House has suffered a terrible fire resulting in the loss of one of their main structures. But, nobody can take away Halloween! The show must go on and they will be open this weekend minus the Catacombs portion of the haunt. Two individuals were seen on camera going into the Catacombs structure and shortly after they left, flames appear on the video footage. If anyone has any information about this incident they are encouraged to contact South Metro Fire. If you would like to donate to help rebuild the haunt please visit their Fundraiser Page. Please send your thoughts, prayers, positive energy, good vibes, etc.. to Steve and crew out at Fright Acres. They need the haunt community’s support right now.

Out in Parker, CO there’s something eerie lurking in the center of the city. If you drive down Twenty Mile Road you might see a dark field lit only by the ominous orange glow of a giant inflatable pumpkin. You might say, that doesn’t sound very eerie… but, don’t be fooled by the smiling face of this Jack-O’-Lantern, for he’s guarding a dark secret…

And to find out what that loveable pumpkin is hiding you’ll have to visit Fright Acres Haunted House located at Flat Acre Farms, off Twenty Mile and Dransfeldt. They have made some big changes this year! The outer facade has undergone a make over! Of course the iconic pumpkin is still there, as well as the cemetery scene but, they’ve added a movie screen playing classic horror films to entertain patrons waiting in the queue lines. We also noticed an upgrade to the food and concession stand as well. And on top of that, a brand new attraction this year…a psychic! Have your palm read, get a tarot card reading, and unleash your inner creativity when you visit Miss Mia at the psychic booth. We absolutely love this feature and feel like it really adds to the setting, atmosphere and overall haunt experience!

Another fantastic upgrade to Fright Acres was their decision to move to the single long haunt trail, similar to Haunted Field of Screams, and we think it is genius!! You begin your journey walking through an unassuming hay bale maze but, alas you come upon a village. You won’t want to stay long though or you might become monster food! This village is crawling with all manner of undead! If you escape their clutches you’ll be running over the river and through the woods down into to Reaper’s Hollow Cemetery. Which is the most iconic portion of this haunt. In the early days Fright Acres was known simply as “Reaper’s Hollow” and the wooded cemetery trail filled with goblins, and ghouls was the extent of the haunt. Over the years they’ve added to the trail and even included a corn maze but, we love how they stay true to their roots and always keep the spirit of the original haunt alive. After bargaining for your life with the reaper’s in the hollow, you’ll have to contend with the mortician inside the morgue. And he’s determined to fill his mausoleum with fresh bodies! This year, Fright acres was full of great jump scares and the natural spookiness of the woods just adds to the creepy factor! We couldn’t have asked for a better haunt for our first haunt weekend back home.

This review is written in loving memory of Fright Acres Owner/Operator, John, who passed away in 2020. Our condolences go out to the entire crew at Flat Acre Farms.

John, thanks for the scares!

For ticket info and open hours please click the link below!

Fright Acres

11321 Dransfeldt Rd, Parker, CO 80134

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