Review: Haunted Field of Screams 2021

Haunted Field of Screams in Thornton, CO has returned to their roots! They’ve brought back their classic style of scares utilizing one long haunted trail experience. You begin your adventure with a tractor ride through the dark and spooky woods near the infamous and haunted Riverdale Rd. As you ride along, a disembodied voice details the gruesome history of Riverdale Rd. It’s a terrifying tale filled with murder, arson, and all things mysterious and unexplained. If you’ve never heard the legends of Riverdale Rd, there’s no better way than a dark and spooky tractor ride to learn the history of one of the most haunted roads in the U.S. It is such a perfect beginning sequence to set the mood for the rest of the haunt!

Next up is the main event, an intensely spooky walk through 8 ft tall corn stalks. Among the corn hide some of the best scare actors we’ve seen this season. Tons of great jump scares and a few other unexpected surprises. The haunt buildings are nothing fancy, no movie quality sets here but, that doesn’t affect their ability to give you the heebie jeebies! Sometimes the natural elements like the woods and the corn are all the backdrop you need to set up some good scares. Especially if the haunt actors are on their game like they were at HFOS. Overall, this was a great, classic, outdoor haunted house experience. We were pleasantly surprised by the new layout, the added tractor ride, and the level of professionalism and enthusiasm by the crew. We definitely recommend a visit to Haunted Field of Screams for any of our Halloweeniacs ages 13 and older.

You can find open hours and ticketing information at the link below. Happy Haunting!

Haunted Field of Screams

10451 McKay Rd, Thornton, CO 80233

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