Review: The Haunted Mines 2021

Another home run for Hellscream Entertainment, The Haunted Mines in Colorado Springs is an incredible display of talent and creativity. Again, we see the same level of incredible acting, stunning Hollywood quality sets, and a fantastic layout that helps create that disorienting feeling. Although it is not as intense as Hellscream it is still insane and overwhelming! Walking through the dark thick fog you immediately get this ominous feeling that something is lurking in the mist, waiting to trap it’s next meal. And as you continue forward through the swamp-like jungle of vines and branches, your footing becomes unstable and you realize you’ve just entered into an abandoned mine shift! 

Photos courtesy of Valkyrie9 Productions.

The abandoned mine shaft full of undead miners and the creatures they unearthed is such a great haunt story! And we just love how well this haunt plays to its theme. They have ups and downs that mimic the feeling of being on a mine cart rail. It has twists and turns, moving floors, and very tight spaces that create moments of claustrophobia just like in a real mine shaft. And if you know anything about Colorado History, this state is plum full of abandoned mining towns which just makes The Haunted Mines even more of a realistic story! One of our criticisms of a lot of haunted houses is that they claim to have a theme and then we are disappointed when there is no trace of that theme anywhere in the haunt. That is definitely not the case here. Just like its sister haunt, Hellscream, The Haunted Mines has a set worthy of filming a movie! Complete with Hollywood quality props, well trained actors, and animatronics that are so detailed and realistic it’s difficult to tell them apart from the real monsters! Is it any wonder that Colorado Springs Haunt Night is always one of our favorites!?! 

The Haunted Mines is one of three haunted houses in the Colorado Springs area. You can check out our reviews of the other two, Hellscream and Scorched Earth Haunted Farm as well.

The Haunted Mines

3910 Palmer Park Blvd,

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Visit the link above for open hours and ticket information.

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