Review: Scorched Earth Haunted Farm

We were incredibly excited to hear Hellscream Entertainment added a third Haunt this year completing their trilogy of terror! Scorched Earth is located at Smith Farms in Peyton, Colorado. One of the great things about this haunt is that a portion of the proceeds go directly to helping the southern Colorado community!   

On a cold night, just days before Halloween, we made our way down to this exciting new Haunted adventure. Being located at a Farm has it’s benefits, the vegetable stand was open and you could purchase fresh produce including pumpkins on the spot! There was also a food truck providing hot drinks, soft drinks, and snack food as well. This feature makes a big difference because it allows your customers to make an evening out of it. You can go through the haunt, then eat and drink with your friends and family after. We always give additional points for extras like this.

The Haunt itself was an open-air Haunted trail lined by hay bales stacked very high! We enjoyed this because it gave you a claustrophobic, there’s no way out of here, type feeling. With social distancing in the forefront, Hellscream Entertainment did a fantastic job of doing more with less actors than ever before! The way the actors duck in and out of the haunted trail made us say more than once they are everywhere! One actor in particular stole the show. As you enter the Haunt she’s there quietly watching you. Once inside our pig tailed friend would pop up and scare us numerous times, each time adding to her crazy character! One of the best images inside the Haunt was this giant scarecrow that we were just hoping would come to life!

Overall, we had a good experience at this brand new haunted attraction. We’re looking forward to seeing how it evolves over the next couple of seasons.

Scorched Earth Haunted Farm

8310 Blue Gill Dr., Peyton, CO 80831

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