Review: The Frightmare Compound 2020

The Frightmare Compound located in Westminster, Colorado is celebrating their 37th year making them the longest running Haunted Attraction in Colorado! In 2019 they did a complete remodel of the external sets of the House. Truly looking amazing. The off season of 2020 was challenging as most Haunt owners didn’t know if there would be a 2020 season due to the restrictions the pandemic has caused. Sometimes it’s better to leave well enough alone as the Frightmare internal sets were top notch once again! The focus this year was to upgrade the acting abilities of the monsters inside. Placing them just perfectly to maximize the scares for us patrons!

The journey inside the compound begins when the door swings open and you are welcomed in by an undead butler. He creaks the gates open for you to descend down into the crypt. It Looks incredible down there! Really well designed and super spooky! Hidden swamp monsters and Samara from the Ring movie are waiting, providing creepy good jump scares! Next, you begin walking up these awesome spiral designed stairs and into the ancient mine itself. The strobe lights flash, lighting up the water fall behind the bridge leading into the mine; creating this terrifying visual.  From the top of the staircase you can also see the undead miner lurking…… waiting for you. As you get closer his hand wraps around to the outside of the bridge which makes you jump back! As you enter his lair he quickly disappears just to reappear with a great scare! The trek through the mine continues with a claustrophobic squeeze, well placed animatronics, scarecrows, flesh eating undead beings carrying mining tools, and a Frightmare classic that nearly makes you fall, the straw covered mattress buried in the ground. When your feet begin to give way beneath you it gives you quite the fright!!  There is even a ‘crashed’ plane and a downed helicopter in this Haunt! After you barely survive the madness of the mine, it’s time to enter the Farm House. In previous years you would exit the Farm House and go into a second haunted attraction called “House of Darkness.” But, this year it turns out the clowns have escaped the House of Darkness and have taken over the Farm House! Upon entry you are greeted by a terrifying looking clown and it only gets better from there! Up the creaky old steps to the second floor only to find more clowns appear providing some really fantastic scares! Then, a door opens and you are let out of the Haunt just in time! Good thrills and chills, great sets, amazing actors! The Frightmare Compound really came to play in 2020 as one of the best experiences we’ve had in this classic haunted house in years!

The Frightmare Compound

10798 Yukon St

Westminster, CO 80021

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