Review: City of The Dead Drive-In Haunted House

Thirteenth Floor Entertainment continues to be an industry leader in haunted attraction entertainment with their newest venture, The City of the Dead Drive-in Haunted House. Throw a global pandemic at the creative minds at 13th Floor and they come back with this amazing and unique new concept; a haunted drive-in movie. What is a haunted drive-in you may ask? Well, it’s very similar to your typical 1950’s style drive-in theater, except with a zombie themed twist. All the carhops are zombies, the concessionaires are zombies, even the film host is a zombie!! This was such a fun experience and extremely COVID safe because you never had to leave your car. We pulled into the theater parking lot, turned off our headlights and waited for the show to begin. When the screen lit up we were greeted by our zombie host the Late Great, Monte Revolta and his Band of the Undead. An exciting combination of musical interludes and short horror films entertained us for the next half hour. And while the film played on the big screen, zombies and ghouls acted out the scenes on a lofted stage to the left. The entire time our car was bombarded by roaming zombies asking if we wanted popcorn and making us jump with fright. The whole experience was thrilling, entertaining and terrifyingly fun!! This is the best thing 13th Floor has done with The City of the Dead since they acquired it in 2018. We loved this concept so much we really hope they keep the haunt as a drive in even after the pandemic restrictions are lifted. We would enjoy coming back year after year and would even love to see seasonal themed haunted movies. Maybe Krampus comes to the Drive-In??!! Here’s hoping!

If you’re looking for a COVID safe, family friendly haunt adventure, go check it out!

The City of the Dead Drive-In Haunted House

3400 E 52nd Ave

Denver, CO 80216

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