Review: Dark Side of the Abbey Haunted House

Dark Side of the Abbey down in Cañon City, Colorado has got to be one of the most innovative and unique haunted attractions we’ve been to. Their creative team really did an incredible job putting this haunt together! There are twists, turns, ups, downs, and even a terrifying experience inside of a box on wheels. This attraction has so much stuff we had not seen in a haunt before. It was fantastic!!! We absolutely loved the queue line entertainment. The walls were covered with horror trivia. Everything from famous serial killers who inspired horror classics like “Psycho,” “The Conjuring,” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” to Victorian era death facts and clown stories. Once you make it inside the Abbey you will experience scares galore! One of our favorite things in haunts are the obstacles you encounter and  Darkside has plenty of them! There is ducking, crawling, and climbing! Just perfect for haunt adventurers like us! We can’t say enough amazing things about our experience. Unbelievable innovations, terror around every corner. It was fantastic! 

Now, this haunt actually features two separate attractions, Dark Side of the Abbey and Dark Side Unplugged (a lights out pitch black, dark maze!) Dark Side Unplugged is a real challenge! You enter a pitch black area and it’s up to you to find your way out! We had our heads grabbed and our hands held at times as we were being led forward by an invisible figure. It’s so dark in there you are instructed to slowly shuffle through with your hand extended out so you don’t hit your head! I think we still did a time or two! Mid way through we could no longer tell if our eyes were even open or not!  Over the years we have mastered the art of escaping Blackout haunts and in the end we were able to navigate our way out! The unknown aspect of being in the dark brings out one’s natural fear and anxiety.  A great experience and our first true Blackout in years! 

Both attractions were excellent and we highly recommend you take advantage of their double haunt pricing and do both attractions. The money the haunt makes goes to support the local area Venture Scouts which is an organization for young men ages 14-21. A lot of the scouts are the scare actors and they do an  amazing job! They may have outgrown selling popcorn but, they are perfect at scaring the heck out of unsuspecting strangers! Cañon City gets two thumbs up from the Hauntaholics! Plan your trip today!

Dark Side of the Abbey Haunted House

2951 US-50

 Cañon City, CO 81212

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