Review: Aftermath Haunted House

What an insanely exciting experience we had at Aftermath Haunted House in Canon City, Colorado!! This was the most fun we’ve had in a haunt in a long time. The actors were on their game! They really engaged with us and gave us some of the best scares we’ve had since the days of the old Spider Mansion haunt (which closed its doors in 2015.) With Aftermath being an outdoor attraction, you get those natural scares that come from the haunt’s surroundings. Wind in the trees and grass, leaves crunching underfoot, bubbling creeks creating ambient noise perfect for scaring! On top of all that, the haunt is designed in a way to confuse patrons and get them lost on purpose as each path marker has more than one arrow telling you which way to go. We LOVE that! It’s a choose your own fate type of haunt scenario which is awesome and unique. Once you’ve chosen your winding path to the main attraction of the haunt, you will arrive at ‘the house’ where sinister beings await you. They will terrorize you from all sides! Scares around every corner! Dark rooms, neon lighted mazes, and one very unique way to get dropped into a dungeon. This haunt has it all!! If you do make it out of ‘the house’ alive you’re not out of the woods yet…literally! There is one more winding trail through the trees with a whole new set of scares to lead you out of the haunt. Since this haunt is almost entirely run and staffed by volunteers, we were surprised by how much they LOVE to scare!! We had a fantastic experience here and highly recommend the trip down to Canon City. You won’t regret it. Proceeds go to help fund after school programs and athletic programs through the county parks and rec district. We love volunteer organizations that give back to their community by putting together events like this haunted house. For $20 a person you can get the life scared out of you and support a local community. That’s a win win for the Hauntaholics! 

Aftermath Haunted House

575 Ash Street

Canon City, CO 81212

One thought on “Review: Aftermath Haunted House

  1. Savannah Hicks

    Honestly, I’ve worked with this haunted house since 2017 (some of you may know me as the bus driver from 2019) and NEVER have I been disappointed. All volunteers of all ages, all good fun, and it never made Halloween a downer!
    This year I couldn’t be a part of things due to being in another state, but I am always so proud to see this haunted attraction thrive every year! Keep it up!
    Continue to be one of the best in Colorado!!!


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