Review: The Frightmare Compound

img_20191011_215712.jpgThe Frightmare Compound. Colorado’s longest running haunted house. What can be said about a 35 year old haunted attraction? I’ll tell you what; clearly, 35 years of experience makes a difference when it comes to running a classically scary haunted house. Dead miners, cannibals, chainsaws, and even clowns; Frightmare has it all. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore the ruins of an abandoned mine? Ever been curious what you would do if a masked cannibal was chasing you through a mine with a chainsaw? Well, wonder no more! The Frightmare compound is set on what appears to be a family farm. The majority of the haunt is outdoors with parts of it being covered with hand built lean-to’s and one section running through an old farmhouse. These guys are great at using the natural landscape to their advantage to enhance the experience. Wind rustling through the grass, a bridge running over a small pond, sunken sections of ground and even a tumbleweed or two. They also use old rusted farm equipment as part of the decor, really giving you the feeling you’ve stepped onto an abandoned farm property. And the outside entertainment? Top notch! Really amazing new decor, fantastic DJ, and even a mini escape room! So, Head on over to 108th and Olde Wadsworth in Westminster, Colorado to experience a terrifying haunted attraction like no other!

The Frightmare Compound

10798 Yukon St. Westminster, CO 80021

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