Review: Terror in the Corn

    Terror in the corn at Anderson Farms is a powerhouse in the haunted corn maze world! There are so many things this place does well! The design of the maze helps to break up large groups to avoid the “conga line” feeling. When a major haunt takes the time to think about how the layout of the haunt will improve patron’s experiences, we have to give props for that! There are some absolutely amazing actors in this maze as well. They all stay in character no matter how busy the haunt gets and they are fantastic at improv and using creative lines to interact and engage with haunt goers. Truly a fun experience! One of our favorite features of this haunt are the obstacles we encountered. We absolutely love when we are forced to go through tight spaces, climb up and over things or get down and crawl through to the next room. We live for these types of experiences in haunts and Terror in the Corn puts a fun new twist on these obstacles. And you’ve heard us mention before how much we enjoy when a haunt puts a spin on the haunt rules. Anderson has one of the most fun ways of delivering the rules of any haunt in the state. The creativity behind this attraction is top notch! This is most definitely one of Colorado’s must see haunted attractions. 

     When you come out to Anderson Farms you must do the zombie paintball experience. There are only two true Zombie Paintball experiences in that state that let you shoot at live targets. There’s nothing better than a weapon loaded with zombie annihilating ammunition, and a field full of brain devouring undead beasts! So put on your goggles, hop on the wagon and get ready to let loose! 

     We cannot say enough great things about the gigantic, terrifying, chainsaw filled, haunted corn maze of our dreams that lies in Erie, Colorado. Grab your friends, get your tickets and hurry on out to Terror in the Corn at Anderson Farms. You won’t regret it!

6728 County Rd 3 1/4, Erie, CO 80516

Get Tickets Here!

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