Review: Hellscream

The terror at Hellscream Haunted House in Colorado Springs Colorado is undefinable and unreal! What a dream haunted house experience! Hellscream is a 3 story haunted attraction with a haunted mansion theme throughout and this ain’t no Disney style mansion either! Live Seance’s, appliances with minds of their own, moving furniture…could the Hellscream building actually be haunted?! What a thrilling experience. Our goal when entering a haunt is to be immersed in a fantasy world filled with that coveted adrenaline rush that comes with being scared. Hellscream delivers on all counts! The sets are amazing, the actors are immersive and engaging, the whole experience is a haunt lovers dream!

We are amazed at how this haunt has evolved over the years. Hellscream began as a small haunt inside of a strip mall in the Springs. In the beginning they were more what we would call a haunt museum; a collection of animatronics, haunt decor, silicone bodies, and stage sets of every type of haunted house theme you can imagine. It was not exactly the dream haunt experience it is today but, even then we knew this haunt had potential. Not long after the strip mall haunt opened, Hellscream purchased it’s current building on Hancock Ave. The 3 story monstrosity that we experience today is one of the BEST haunt venues in the State and rivals some of the massive multilevel buildings of the mega haunts in Kansas City, MO.

In 2016 Hellscream suprised us by rocketing up our Famous Top Haunts list to the #4 spot! They had changed things up from the “haunt museum” style of their earlier years and everything just clicked resulting in the Haunt taking a major leap up our rankings list. And 2017 they worked their magic again coming in at #4. Their sets are incredible, evolving and growing and getting more fantastic each year. The actors deliver some of the best scares you will see!! Then came 2018, a banner year for this Colorado Springs factory of fear, they outdid themselves and became the #1 Haunted Attraction in all of Colorado! And this 2019 haunt season they outdid themselves again raising the haunt bar even higher and landing in our #1 spot for the second year in a row, far out pacing the Denver mega haunts. Hellcream haunted house is the haunt see for fun, fear, and fright! Don’t miss your chance to get in on the attaction this season. Hellscream is open the weekend of November 8-9 for their blackout event. They also run escape rooms year round to provide you with even more mystery to tide you over until next season. So don’t wait and get your tickets to this mega powerhouse haunt today! 


3021 N. Hancock Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80907

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