Review: Scream Acres

Scream Acres

The Pumpkin House at Fritzler Farm Park

     At Fritzler Farm Park in LaSalle, CO you can pick out a pumpkin, slide down a giant mountain, ride an adult sized tricycle, shoot pumpkins out of an air cannon, jump-on a giant air pillow, and get the pants scared off you! The farm has plenty of activities for everyone. Families looking for a day of fall fun can pick up their pumpkins, play games, ride around on the barrel train and enjoy apple cider and funnel cake. Those over 21 can enjoy a beverage at the beer garden and listen to the live music. And if you’re a haunted house addict like us, you will enjoy the haunted corn maze, Ashes of Creation and the new Silver Screams attraction. 

     Ashes of Creation is the signature haunt at Scream Acres. After attempting to find your way through the haunted corn maze you will eventually arrive at the haunt. A post apocalyptic military base that has survived the impossible! The living dead are crawling all over the place and making it impossible for you to make it out! There was some decent acting in this haunt and we really enjoyed the new layout and theme of the attraction. There were definitely some good jump scares too! The real star of Scream Acres this year though was Silver Screams! Great props and animatronics, good actors and a really fun theme! Do you enjoy classic horror films? Then, you’re going to love Silver Screams! When you head up to Fritzler Farms this season definitely don’t skip out on this attraction! 

     Family fun by day, fun and fright by night. So grab your family, grab your friends and head on over to Scream Acres at Fritzler Farm Park and check off one more thing on your Fall bucket list. 

20861 Co Rd 33, La Salle, CO 80645

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