Review: Terror in the Corn

Terror in the Corn at Anderson Farms in Erie, CO is one of the larger agritainment haunts in the state. They have more than just the haunted house attractions here. Adding to the Fall ambiance, this farm has tons of concessions, a huge pumpkin patch, kids activites, and even their own general store. At night during the haunting hours there is a live DJ to keep the party rocking as you wait in line to climb aboard the haunted trailer ride to the corn maze and haunted house attractions. The haunted trailer ride is something no other haunt in Colorado does and it is such a fun experience! We LOVE when a haunt gets creative in how they present the haunt rules to the haunt goers. It add so much to the experience when explaining the rules becomes a theatrical performance. It really helps to set the mood for what’s to come.

The haunt itself starts out with a rather eerie walk through a haunted corn maze which leads you to the queue line for the haunt itself. This separation of activities helps break up the wait times for the haunts. It’s always easier to wait when you are being entertained the entire time. Once, you enter the main haunted attraction you are immediately thrust into the world of Terror in the Corn, the ghoulish place that remains hidden amongst the corn stalks of Anderson Farms, and can only be described as a ghost town. The opening scene of this haunt is unique and something we had not seen before in the numerous haunts we have visited. We really enjoy when we find something brand new to our eye in a haunt! So great! In the ghost town you will find all manner of ghouls, ghosts, flesh eaters, and monsters. The actors here must be given incredible credit for their improvisations and abilities to stay in character through group after group of haunt goers. While this haunt did end up with a bit of a conga line feel while walking through, it did not detract from the experience, animatronics were well timed and actors kept up the scares! Something that can be hard to do when a haunt gets busy. The ghost town set is huge and so well done you really can believe that there may have been a town there once upon a time. We’ve mentioned before that we love long haunts and Terror in the Corn is a good 25 min experience! Definitely worth the money when you get to spend a good amount of time enjoying all the features this haunt offers.

Another activity on the farm is the Zombie Paintball hunt. And the Zombie Paintball Massacre here is, in our opinion, the best haunted paintball attraction in the state. We came to find out it’s because Anderson Farms was the first to offer this feature as part of their haunt attractions so they’ve been doing it for a long time! They have live actors out there as moving targets for paintball gunmen to aim for. In addition to these live “zombies” they have animatronic ones and stationary targets as well. The whole paintball experience is just a blast and we highly recommend it!


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