Review: Scream Acres

Scream Acres is the place to be! Scream Acres has the scares for me! (sung to the tune of “Green Acres”)

Scream Acres at Fritzler Farm Park in LaSalle, CO has always been one of the most fun haunts we visit each season. We enjoy all the extra non haunted activities located at the farm, like the slide mountain, peddle carts, ball zone, pumpkin cannons and more! The overall product and presentation here gets major props as there is something here for everyone. Music and a beer garden, concession stands and fire pits just create an ambiance of Fall that really encompass everyone’s favorite parts of the season.

As for the haunted attractions, Scream Acres does not disappoint! They have made major changes to the haunt this year and we approve! Lots of different scenes that are ripe for jump scares. The opening room of the haunt is such a good scene, it really helps set the scare tone for the rest of the haunt. The way everything is laid out throughout the rest of the haunt it breaks up the “conga line,” feel that can sometimes happen when a haunt is having a very busy night. Keeping the experience limited to smaller groups is ideal in these situations. We also noted some changes in the queue line for the haunt with the addition of a movie projector screen and an interactive animated ghoul feature.

Always a good time out at Fritzler Farms and we thoroughly enjoyed having our season come to a close at one of our favorite overall haunt experiences.


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