Review: City of the Dead & Asylum

City of the Dead in Henderson, CO had been a family run haunted house for all of it’s previous 9 years, this year is their ten year hauntiversary and their first year under the 13th Floor Entertainment umbrella. When 13th floor purchased City of the Dead they chose to relocate their Asylum haunted house to the same grounds as City of the Dead. Because of this move both haunts suffered a little in length. It felt like City and Asylum were shortened a bit from previous years we’ve attended these two haunts. What did not suffer however were the amazing sets and great actors. City has always had some of the most top notch sets with realistic scenes and gruesome looking bodies! A great set makes a haunt come to life and good acting compliments the fantastic sets! The actors at City of the Dead and Asylum played their roles appropriately and their characters and lines matched the scenes they were in.


Although the haunts seemed shorter than in previous years, the same feeling of utter chaos remained. The haunt space is loud with sirens and horns, and chainsaws galore. Even from outside in the queue line area you can hear the screams and chaos occuring inside. As a patron standing in line, it builds up the anticipation to see what’s happening! It’s a great mind game trick that this haunt has always been stellar at doing.

Once you make it through City of the Dead you immediately end up in the queue line for the Asylum. We were excited to see pieces of the old Asylum set from their former location. Asylum did a great job of blending together pieces of their old set with pieces of the old Curse of Darkness set to create a new look for Asylum. In their former location Asylum had lots of space to spread out and that was a favorite feature of ours from last season. While they had less space this year to spread out we still got some good scares and the insane asylum theme was present throughout. Again, sets and actors create the experience here.

Overall, we were glad to see some of the same things we have loved in the past about both of these haunts and we look forward to seeing how they grow and improve under the direction of 13th Floor Entertainment.

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