Review: Hellscream Haunted House

This is Hauntaholics fourth year officially reviewing Hellscream Haunted House. I, the King of Halloween, have been going to Hellscream since it’s infancy when it was located in an unassuming store front! Over the years I have watched them grow into a powerhouse of a Haunt; making leaps and bounds the past three haunt seasons!1022182204

Although early on I would always say I had more fun in Hellscream than any other Haunt during a season, until recently they had yet to hit their stride. In 2015 we ranked them the #18 Haunt in Colorado. The turnaround really began in 2016 when they leaped up to #4! In 2017 the Haunted attraction would repeat that feat making major additions to an already top notch three story set. Just when you think they’ve hit their limits they once again make unforseen improvements!

Each year we come here we are blown away by the upgrades made by the creative geniuses behind this place! The line entertainment gets better every year with fire dancers, a movie playing on the big screen, window horror scenes, and even a live DJ!

Every Haunted House has quiet spots in it. These can be noted as underutilized space or dead space. Other haunts use this as a transition space into the next scene, which is fine. Inside Hellscream we were begging for a transition space to give us a chance to catch our breath! The monsters were relentless coming at us with ravenous energy! And on top of all the monsters we were amazed by the unexpected animatronics! Lots of unique things we’ve never seen before!

Clowns are a staple of haunted houses and can really be hit or miss. We are not particularly big fans of clowns. We don’t find them all that scary anymore after seeing similar scenes featuring these pranksters throughout so many haunts over the years. Hellscream has created a formula that can teach a lot of Haunts a new way to present clowns! Turned out to be one of our favorite rooms! Hellscream offers so much to see we think you’d have to go through three times to see everything!

This year Hellscream has taken a seat at the table with the top haunts in the country. We can’t wait to crunch our numbers and see where they rank this year!Hellscream Selfie

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